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workplace consultancy

What is workplace consultancy?

Workplace consultancy is a deep dive discovery process through all layers of the organisation to typically understand some or all of the following with an objective to make meaningful recommendations:


What is the business and operational vision of the leadership?


What does the future workplace look like and how do we plan for this strategically?


Do our processes, policies and working practices adequately support our people and align to our long-term vision?


Are our people productive and thriving in our work environment?


Does our technology infrastructure enable effectiveness and meet our short-long term needs?


Are we optimising our real-estate and using space as efficiently as possible?


What should our hybrid working framework look like to ensure we do not compromise the culture and operation of our business?


How do we attract and retain talent?


How do we build a workplace that people naturally want to attend rather than feeling the need to mandate return?


How do we drive our cultural/sustainability and/or ESG agenda to make it part of our narrative?

The workplace consultancy process will quickly gather reliable data within the organisation to assist in formulating clear recommendations that make best use of resources to deliver the best returns with minimal disruption.

The processes we offer can be a simple light touch through to detailed analytics. Each process is tailor made to ensure we meet your project drivers, aspirations and vision.

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